About Epic Recruiting Services

Epic Recruiting Services knows 1st hand what’s the recruiting process is like and the odds of obtaining an Athletic Scholarship. It’s an exciting and often overwhelming experience for high school athletes and their family. We take an aggressive and proven approach with creating and distributing your information to colleges. We help you create a professional package that includes a Bio Sheet, High School Transcript, Letter(s) of Recommendation, ACT, SAT Test Results and a Highlight DVD. We also help you with targeting the right colleges.

Obtaining an Athletic Scholarship is a very competitive and sometimes unlikely process. Most high school students and their parents have little guidance and a vague idea of what it takes to succeed. Factors such as early decision, early action, college profile, college locations and student profiles at each college must be carefully considered. In addition, the cost of Public & Private education are extraordinary, so financial aid and scholarship opportunities have become exponentially more important .

Epic Recruiting Services target schools based on several factors:

  • Colleges where you desire you attend.
  • Colleges that are actively recruiting you already.
  • Colleges that are on par with your athletic & academic abilities
  • Geographical preference

For student athletes, the process of selecting the right college is a difficult choice and the demands require a great deal of time, dedication and perseverance since this will be your home over the next four years. As a result finding the right school is a must, whether it’s NCAA-Division I, II, III, NAIA or a Jr. College program that fits the your style of play and athletic/academic goals and all scholarship opportunities must be carefully considered in making the correct decision.

Epic Recruiting Services Inc. strategies will help improve your recruiting position.