College Athletic Scholarship Statistics

The NCAA estimated that the chances of competing at the college level is not great. Only 3% of high school seniors will play NCAA Division I sports.

There are 350 Division I Men & Women’s basketball program in the country with on average each team has 12 scholarships to give depending on position and need.

With over 600,000 kids who play high school basketball Division 1 basketball scholarships are the toughest college athletic scholarship to receive. Only 1% of high school basketball players achieve their goal of playing Division I basketball.

There are alternatives to Division I programs. The best places for money can be in Division II , Division III, a lot of these schools are typically smaller private colleges who routinely give merit awards for academics and other student accomplishments. The average merit grant that private colleges can award may reduce tuition by 30% of more.

The NCAA dictates how many athletic scholarships each sport can offer in Division I and Division II. To squeeze out the maximum benefit, coaches routinely split up these awards. For instance, a Division I soccer coach is allowed up to 10 scholarships, but he or she can dole out this money into tinier scholarships to lure more athletes to their campuses.

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