Tips on getting an athletic scholarship

  • Top College Athletic Recruiting Tips

Thousands of high school basketball players compete to get one of the few basketball scholarships that are awarded each year. To increase your chances of being selected to receive one of those coveted positions it’s EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE ! EXPOSURE !

To be a top a player you have to maximize your basketball skills and a have a “NO DAYS OFF” mentality. Every day you’re not getting better, someone else is getting better than you.

AAU Basketball

Amateur Athletic Union(AAU) is an organization that sponsors amateur sporting events. The tournaments are usually played during “live” college recruiting periods. Basketball recruiting and rules have changed and the pressure to get commitments from players has resulted in players committing to schools in their sophomore and junior year almost making their senior year in high school season almost irrelevant.

College/University Basketball camps

Attending the camps of the colleges you want to play for is a good way of not sharing the lime light with the 1000’s of players being evaluated on the AAU circuit . Don’t wait for colleges to find you, go find them !

Grades matter

Coaches want athletes with good grades, you’re a student-athletes. Coaches don’t like to take chances on academic risks. Get good grades; take your standardized tests (SATs, ACTs) as early and as often as possible. Unless you are “that player”, coaches will not wait for you.

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